rain.email - email without surveillance

rain.email - No watching, monitoring, surveillance, scanning of your data. No analytics on your behaviour.  Just email.

rain.email provides private, secure email for your domain. Stop worrying about what tech companies do with your email. We've got nothing to hide. Except your email...

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rain.email - protect your work and personal life

Your emails contain incredibly private business and personal information. rain.email keeps that fact front and centre. 

We run a proven neutral open source email platform. We've nothing to hide - except your email. Protect your work and personal life.

No agenda. Just private, secure email.


It's your email. A mailbox for your eyes only.

rain.email - surveillance free, secure email for your domain.

A surveillance-free email hosting company

rain.email is an email hosting company. We are not advertisers, we don't scan your private data. Your email is for your eyes only. 

Security. The top priority

Protect your business from threats and malicious email. Anti-spam and anti-virus filtering keeps your inbox practically free of malicious messages.

Support by Humans

From onboarding your email accounts to rain.email through to supporting your email and collaboration requirements - rain.email support remains proudly human.

Quick business email account setup

Over and above your business email domain setup and user account provisioning - rain.email assists with all email best practice authentication and security measures. 

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